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Collins Investment Group / Video

Financial planners like to coin proprietary wealth creation theories that are shrouded in secrecy and only available to highly trained initiates. They’re usually highbrow and confusing, just like that last sentence.

Collins Investment Group isn’t one of those financial planners. They’ve got two basic rules, which are easy to follow. Unless, of course, you allow greed or rashness to cloud your judgment.  

We created a pre-roll commercial that states those two rules, boldly and simply. And reminded prospective clients why they’re important to follow.




AZA / Social

It's always nice to use our creative powers for good. And saving endangered animals is as good as it gets. So when the Association of Zoos & Aquariums asked for help, we jumped at the opportunity. Over a short period, we knocked out two months worth of content for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We also designed and produced 30 posters for their zoo and aquarium partners. 

Our thinking? Well, to many people, "endangered" is a vague, tired term. But numbers quantify the impact and get people to care. Our #GrowTheNumbers campaign paired animals and statistics to help people understand the gravity of the situation. In addition, the campaign also celebrated the bright side; the things AZA did to help out. 





NMAAHC / ooh

The National Museum of African American History and Culture was opening. Finally. And it was a big deal. This beautiful landmark at the Mall in DC is a testament to one people’s triumphant, odds-defying story. And we had to channel that spirit in our ads.

We worked with 82 Degrees and created a gorgeous, OOH campaign that dominated Metro stations and bus shelters in the DMV. Each ad featured a key figure from the story, paired with a line heralding their achievement. And the art direction provided the perfect backdrop; classic illustrations that paid tribute to the wall murals from the subjects’ hometowns.

Shout out to Jamin Hoyle for the art direction. And Robert Greenette for illustration.





Hatch Brilliance / Web

Hatch Brilliance is a new marketplace for lab-grown diamonds. They came to us for branding and website design. And that’s exactly what we gave 'em.

To start, we dove deep on the competition. Turns out, 90% of jewelry websites were the same: stark white backgrounds with generic, retail-centric copy. Boring. 

Next, we dug into the target. These were smart, scientific, thirty-something males with an affinity for high-end brands like Apple, Tesla, and Suntory—a Japanese whiskey-maker. These brands had plenty in common: reds, whites, and blacks. Plus clean backgrounds and lots of wood grain. 

We meticulously melted everything together to form a bold, unmistakable look. And finished it off with a confident and friendly voice that matched the personalities of the owners.



Alexandria Pastry Shop / pop

If you know cannolis, you know the nation’s best come from Jersey. That’s where the best bakeries have perfected the old Italian confection. Alexandria Pastry Shop knows this. That’s why they import their cannolis from the Garden State. Problem is, their regulars didn’t buy it. Why would a bakery import a baked good? Get outta here.  

We wanted to settle this, once and for all. So we peppered the shop with posters, table toppers, and to-go stickers. And made it crystal clear where APS gets their cannolis. Seriously. It. Couldn’t. Be. Any. Clearer.

Finally, the customers caved. The once-skeptics bought ‘em up in bulk. And got to experience the Jersey love that’s baked into every bite.





Nafme / social

The National Association for Music Education is massively important. Their mission is to keep music in schools. To us, that’s the definition of fighting the good fight.

Their audience varies. Educators and students. Administrators and parents. Even up to Congress. Problem was, they had a different look—and tone—for each of those audiences.

So we unleashed the consistency crew. We gave them an iterable identity across social media. And inspired their audience through type-driven bits of content that were inherently shareable. The conversation was hot. Engagement through likes and shares was up thousands of percentage points. And for our client, that was music to their ears.





Give a note / Web

Sometimes, you can work within the system to make it work better. Other times, you have to work from the outside.

The Give a Note Foundation tries to keep music in schools—by any means necessary. At times, that means raising funds through private donations. So when we were asked to revamp their site, we had two goals in mind: 1) clearly articulate their vision 2) make that donate button big and shiny.

We moved to create a fresh style guide. And a comprehensive-but-intuitive site architecture that ensured easy navigation. We stated their mission up front, and surrounded the words with imagery of confident, diverse students. Real kids. Which triggered an emotional response from visitors. Then, we added that donation button—prominent and anchored on all pages. We even added a ticker bar that displayed real-time performance metrics. That way, both the visitors—and the client—could track support.




APC / identity

We’re not allergic to peanut advertising. So when the American Peanut Council asked for help, we were eager to spread the salty gospel. But this was more than peanut puns. We needed to modernize an 80-year-old brand. Without deviating too far from their farmhand roots. 

The exact ask was to rebrand logos for two brands under their umbrella: The USA Peanut Congress and Peanut Butter for the Hungry. The former called for a blue collar vibe. So we paired a faded Americana color palette with slab and sans serif fonts. Then we stacked the words to replicate the shape of the American flag. The latter was a different approach entirely. For PB4H, we used a bold, sans serif font to show the austerity of the initiative. And added a bite mark to convey the concept of malnourished youth.





MurLarkey is a distillery in Bristow, VA. Yup. They make booze. And while the free drinks are nice, helping a local business multiply is even better. 

MurLarkey’s product line was strong. Spirits were even winning awards on an international level. (Seriously. Their Divine Clarity vodka is a two-time gold medalist.) But while the judges loved them, many consumers didn’t know about ‘em.

To help spread the word, we created a short video series for social media. The videos were gorgeously shot, showcasing the distillery’s inviting interior. More importantly, we focused on the founders. This was their story, and it overlapped perfectly with the history of distilling in Virginia.

Since the videos posted, business has surged. Social media engagement was 4x greater than any previous post. And there’s not a bad comment in the bunch. Given our outrage era, it’s nice to know good clients and good work can still make a positive impact.





Like the MurLarkey brand, the founders are tons of fun. After a few seconds of conversation, their collective sense of humor is evident. And we wanted to instill that humor into their social media presence. 

When you visit in person, the distillery walls are filled with silly, drinking-related quotes. We thought, hey, this is ripe for social media. So we made a dozen fresh ones, and served ‘em up on Facebook and Instagram.

From an engagement standpoint, the posts hit more likes, loves, and shares then anything previously. And the client loved them so much, they asked us to repurpose the now-famous wooden boards as postcards.